Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chapter One - Part Three

"Stop talking and move back Gobalee!" Shouted the pale ogre.

"Get out of my way!" Returned his companion. Reith and Tyrel couldn't decide the species of the second creature; however, to them Gobalee looked part catfish, part cockroach.

Reith and Tyrel didn't have any trouble sidling up unnoticed behind the duo as Gobalee and his friend made enough noise to be a small elephant herd.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Chapter One - Part Two

Moonbeams filtered to the forest floor in front of Reith and Tyrel as the pair made their way towards Commerce. They walked in contrast of each other; Reith, tall and slender, wore a dark hooded cloak, her green hair mostly covered; Tyrel, short and sturdy, his sword sheathed at his side. The forest opened into a meadow in front of them.

"This will be a good place to rest for tonight," Reith announced as she began setting up camp. Tyrel peered around and noticed a few unusual gray mounds, but not thinking much of them, he began assisting Reith.

Tyrel worked seemingly preoccupied in thought as his facial expressions mirrored his unease. In fact, Tyrel's preoccupation weighed on him so much he failed to notice Reith had stopped setting up camp and stood motionless in the darkness listening to their surroundings.

"Listen." Reith instructed.

The dwarf stopped his work and tilted his ears in the wood nymph's direction. At first, Tyrel heard nothing; then he heard something push through the air towards them.

"Get down!" Reith warned, pushing Tyrel sideways as a rather large object brushed passed their heads and then crashed behind them. Tyrel stood up, drew his sword and rushed toward their attacker. But almost as quickly as the dwarf had been to act, he slowed and sheathed his sword.

"What is it?" Queried Reith.

"A cow..."

"A cow?"

In an act of recognition, Tyrel turned back toward the meadow with its unusual gray mounds and pointed, "the meadow must be full of them."

Reith didn't have much time to process this information as another cow flew by them and landed near the trail opening.

"Let's get back into the woods."

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chapter One - Part One

Kohl knew he had reached the destination first. Not many creatures could drink themselves into a drunken stupor one day and still carry themselves out of bed early the next. Gobalee didn't seem that kind of creature.

Kohl sat down next to the Amaronda river, maneuvering his muscular back into the bark of a sturdy oak tree.

"Albino?" Shot a voice from beneath the river's bank. "I thought you weren't going to show."

Surprised, Kohl stood up and peered over the bank.

"Are you ready?" Mocked his competitor.

Kohl chuckled, "I'm ready Gobalee."

"I haven't found any good rocks...maybe we should go somewhere else."

Kohl gazed across the landscape. The area contained some trees and a herd of cattle in a meadow to his north, but no rocks large enough for their purpose. Kohl's mind worked double time looking for an ounce of inspiration.

"We can still do some throwing, c'mon," Kohl motioned his rival to follow him as he tore a branch from a nearby tree, "Get behind those cows and chase them this way."

Curiosity overwhelmed Gobalee and he raced to the far side of the meadow.

"Move it you git!"

Gobalee hissed in displeasure at the slur, but his curiosity overrode his hatred and he began herding the cattle toward Kohl. As the cattle approached, Kohl bludgeoned some of them with his make-shift club.

"That'll do," Kohl announced after knocking a tenth cow senseless, "watch this."

Kohl reached down, grasped one of the heifer's legs, and in a fluid motion spun and shot-putted the innocent animal into Kajarna's atmosphere. Woosh the air reeled as Kohl's sacrilegious sacrifice flew on its course. The cow landed some sixty yards away and slid for another ten.

"You're beat Gobalee," Kohl challenged.

Gobalee smirked and pushed an unconscious cow to where his adversary stood. After a few seconds, Gobalee had wedged his lever-like legs beneath his unknowing victim. Woosh, the assailant's legs released and catapulted the heifer into the morning sky. That cow landed some sixty-five yards away and slid for another fifteen.

"Care to try again," mocked Gobalee.